> Training E-IPC-A-600H
Training E-IPC-A-600H
Acceptability of printed boards used in ecological electronic assembly.
Purpos of training
  • The purpose of the training is to familiarize participants with the criteria for acceptability of eco printed circuit boards. The training is open to people involved in enty inspection of eco printed circuit boards, as well as evaluation of ready-mounted eco electronic packages. Training is conducted on international IPC-A-600H.standard basis.


  • Duration of training: 3 days

Information about obtained certificates

  • certificate of participation in the training
  • IPC-A-600-CIS certificate
  • certificate of the Ministry of National Education

Possibility of participating in training

  • open trainings - cyclically organized in the RENEX headquarters in Wloclawek
  • closed trainings - organized for a specific customer (minimum group size 15 people)

Trainig topics

  • eco leed-free assembly technology - history, reasons for use, benefits and problems associated with it
  • eco leed-free assembly technology - a review of the most commonly used soldering binders
  • products classes and conditions of admissibility in modern eco electronics
  • externally visible characteristics of the eco circuit boards:
    • board edges
    • surface of base material
    • subsurface base material
    • cover of solder and tin-lead melt
    • metallized holes - general requirements
    • not metallized holes
    • printed contact pads
    • marking
    • solder mask
    • definition of conductive layer - dimensional characteristics
    • flatness
  • internally observable characteristics of eco circuit boards
    • dielectric materials
    • conductive layers
    • metallized holes - general requirements
    • metallized holes - drilled
    • metallized holes - punched
  • special types of eco boards:
    • elastyczne i sztywno-elastyczne obwody drukowane
    • płytki drukowane z rdzeniem metalowym
    • jednopłaszczyznowe płyty drukowane
    • flexible and rigid-flexible printed circuits
    • printed circuit boards with metal core
    • single-leaf printed circuit boards
  • requirements for cleanliness testing of eco printed circuit boards
  • improvement of practical skills in assessment of printed boards used in eco electronic assembly

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