> Training E-IPC/WHMA-A-620B
Training E-IPC/WHMA-A-620B
Inspection of ecological assembly of wire harnesses with practical classes of lead free soldering.
Purpos of training
  • The purpose of the training is to familiarize participants with international IPC/WHMA-A-620 B standard criteria concerning eco assembly and assessment of connections obtained from use of wires and cable harnesses. During the training will also be carried out practical classes of lead-free soldering. The training is open to persons involved in the eco assembly as well as cables and wire harnesses control.


  • Duration of training: 5 days

Information about obtained certificates

  • certificate of participation in the training
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620-CIS certificate
  • certificate of the Ministry of National Education

Possibility of participating in training

  • open trainings - cyclically organized in the RENEX headquarters in Wloclawek
  • closed trainings - organized for a specific customer (minimum group size 15 people)

Trainig topics

  • lead-free eco assembly technology - historical outline, reasons for use, benefits and problems associated with it
  • lead-free eco alassembly technology - review of the most commonly used solder binders
  • pin-in-paste technology - general rules of application and resulting from this ecological aspects
  • information on basic principles of health and safety on the workstation
  • information on use of eco electronic components, with particular attention to the phenomenon of electrostatic discharge and power surges
  • base knowledge about terms and definitions relating to overall of eco classification of electronic communications
  • basic information about preparation of wires
  • information about modern methods of soldering, including lead-free soldering and soldering of wires in configuration of the different terminals
  • criteria related to soldering applications operating at high voltages
  • practical skills in at ecological assessment of solder joints
  • basic information about eco crimped terminals
  • base knowledge about insulated wire connections
  • information about braids of eco soldered wires, crimp and ultrasonically welded braids
  • basic information about arrangement and assembly of joints
  • practical skills of assessment of crimped and ultrasonically welded wires.
  • information about formation/flooding of wires and measurements or wire harnesses used in eco connections
  • basic information about marking and labeling of eco wires and wire harnesses
  • practical skills of measurements of wire harnesses and read of wire harnesses markings produced using lead-free technology
  • knowledge about eco connecting of coaxial and biaxial cables
  • basic information about creation of eco wire harnesses
  • base knowledge eco electrical shielding of cables and wire harnesses
  • information about creating eco braids of cables and wire harnesses
  • information about eco assembly of final product
  • information about methods of wire strapping to obtain eco electrical connection
  • practical skills of evaluation of coaxial and biaxial cables assembly, analyzing of eco wire harnesses - fixing, shielding
  • practical skills improvement of testing (mechanical and electrical) of eco cables and wire harnesses connections
  • practical skills improvement in preparation and lead-free wire soldering, including those working with high voltage
  • practical skills improvement of  assessment of lead-free wire soldering, including those working with high voltage

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