> Training E-IPC-7711B-7721B / IPC-7095C
Training E-IPC-7711B-7721B / IPC-7095C
Theoretical and practical aspects of ecological assembly and repairs of BGA components
Purpos of training
  • The purpose of the training is theoretical and practical presentation to trainees of techniques with eco assembly, disassembly and regeneration of BGA, CSP μBGA based on the guidelines of international  IPC-7711B / 7721B standards.


  • Duration of training: 2 days

Information about obtained certificates

  • certificate of participation in the training
  • IPC-7711/7721-CIS certificate
  • certificate of the Ministry of National Education

Possibility of participating in training

  • open trainings - cyclically organized in the RENEX headquarters in Wloclawek
  • closed trainings - organized for a specific customer (minimum group size 15 people)

Trainig topics

  • lead-free eco assembly technology - historical outline, reasons for use, benefits and problems associated with it
  • lead-free eco alassembly technology - review of the most commonly used solder binders
  • lead-free eco alassembly technology - review of the most commonly used machines and equipment
  • safety on workstand dedicated to eco assembly and disassembly and regeneration of BGA components
  • antistatic protection measures at the workplace and storage
  • general criteria for eco disassembly of (lead free) elements made in THT technology
  • general criteria for eco disassembly of (lead free) elements: Chip, Melf, SOIC, SOT, QFP, PLCC
  • historical outline of BGA
  • criteria related to principles of BGA and CSP μBGA eco assembly
  • PRE-BACKING procedure (when and under what circumstances)
  • preheating phase (Pre-Heat) - theory and practice
  • soak phase (Soak) - theory and practice
  • proper heating phase (Re-Flow) - theory and practice
  • cooling phase (Cool Down) - theory and practice
  • practical classes of eco assembly, disassembly and BGA, CSP and μBGA components recovery

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